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The Vinci Software Video:

Software description:

THE VINCI PROTOCOL ANALYZER is application for engineers and developers who are working with industrial communication protocols to simulate, analyze and test. With this tool you can monitor communication channel – in order to know what master asks and what slaves answers. You will be able to use it to simulate master or slave devices. We invite you to new engineering experiences with THE VINCI PROTOCOL ANALYZER.

THE VINCI PROTOCOL ANALYZER application supports:

  • IEC-60870-5-101
  • IEC-60870-5-103
  • IEC-60870-5-104


What’s new in Version 3.0.0:

v3.0.0.x - This is totaly new software with fully redesigned features and with beloved usability from the past.


V – Improvements:

  • The Vinci Expert compatibility
  • New tab “The Vinci Expert” incl. features:
    - Full control of The Vinci Expert
    - Reset configuration
    - Fiber optics power measurement
    - Custom RS232 pinout configuration
    - Null cable mode button
    - RS485 and RS422 differential pair swap options
    - Terminating resistors selection
    - Load and save hardware configuration to file
    - Hardware firmware update
    - The Vinci Expert serial number and firmware check
    - Ability to control several The Vinci Expert devices
  • Autodetect serial ports
  • Bug fix in protocol selection

V – Improvements:

  • Modbus TCP monitoring bugs fixed,
  • IEC 60870-5-101/104 command with time tag auto respond fixed.

V – Improvements:

  • Tag export file csv fixed, first column name changed.

V – Improvements:

  • Modbus added 15, 16 functions support,
  • Modbus exceptions support,
  • License agreement update,
  • IOA and ASDU columns ordering fix.

V – Improvements:

  • Modbus protocol bug fixes
  • Added Send button in IEC 101.