Simply unique tool for professionals

THE VINCI EXPERT is the next generation of it's successful predecessor THE VINCI. As we have got loads of positive feedback from engineers using previous version we decided to make THE VINCI more desirable with additional handy features. THE VINCI EXPERT is the best choice for application requiring the highest versatility of physical serial communication interfaces.


Serial interface protocol analyzer & Universal serial interface converter

THE VINCI EXPERT helps you to MONITOR what is being transmitted over RS232, RS485, RS422 and even over fiber optical cable in order to make communication between devices. THE VINCI EXPERT is especially helpful in product development, testing and commissioning stages. It supports Modbus, DNP, IEC 60870-5-xxx and other serial protocols.

THE VINCI EXPERT helps you to CONVERT serial interfaces. It is a powerful tool, which allows you to change serial interface from RS232 to RS485/RS422 or to the Fiber optic. Any other combinations are supported as well. Whether you are developing a new solution or considering obtaining a converter, THE VINCI EXPERT is a wise choice.

Expert version stands out with ‘simple to use’ functions:
Light ON/OFF selection; RS232 null modem mode; RS485 or RS422 selection; ISOLATE mode.


Ergonomic tool in hard aluminium case

THE VINCI EXPERT Industrial design inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's illustration “Vitruvian Man”, which represents the golden ratio of the human body. The elements are positioned so that they would prolong the lines of the drawn figure and create a perfectly ergonomic shape of the device, convenient to handle every day. The positioning of each component, button and LED is calculated according to the golden section ratio and Fibonacci sequence to make not only the appearing of the tool visually aesthetic, but also to create the whole product extremely comfortable to use.

Lightweight anodized 6-series aluminium alloy body ensures the best resistance in harsh engineering environments and precisely developed sequence of turning rings make the surface of the tool scratch-proof. Simply unique user experience is created with neodymium magnets that let THE VINCI EXPERT to stick on any steel surface. The device is the best choice for application requiring the highest versatility of physical serial communication interfaces that simplifies complexity in the most efficient way.


THE VINCI documentation

THE VINCI EXPERT is patented tool for professionals designed by ELSETA Company.

ELSETA producing equipment for Smart Grid solutions and energy management. Including distribution grid products and solutions, renewable energy management, energy storage and industrial energy management. We specialise in energy, electronics, automatics and innovative project creation for B2B sector.

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